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Jonathan Berger on the youth’s music taste.

by arianakoblitz on December 10, 2009

hey guys!

soooo I was just reading through the New York Times’ Ninth Annual Year in Ideas… when I came across our very own Professor Berger!

Thought you might like to read the entry

I for one will be bugging him for the rest of the writing on the subject. :)



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Final Project Family Mapping

by stephanietomasetta on December 3, 2009

Brad, who recently lost his grandmother, wants a dynamic way to preserve as much information about his family’s lives and what each person has meant to him.

Here are some slides of my process through this project:

Lastly here is a link to the Iphone Demo.

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Visual Diary Prototype

November 30, 2009

Brian often forgets the last time he hanged out with his friends and family.  He cannot even remember what he did last month.  He needs a way to evaluate his past activities and figure out the people he should hang out with next.
With the Visual Diary iphone app, Brian can quickly browse his past encounters [...]

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Ariana’s Prototypes

November 24, 2009

Hey! so here are the three prototypes (each fairly crude at this point, but then it’s about getting the idea out of my head and on to something representative, right?)
When I first began, I simply recreated the mind map we had come up with as a class last lab.
Then I started asking those around me [...]

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Final Project Digital Prototype

November 24, 2009

Above is a link to my first digital prototype of three maps I am creating for my final project.  The main idea or focus of the maps is documenting a history of events, places, changes, and the user’s memories of each family member’s life and their own.
Though this is far from complete, you can see [...]

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Final Project- Culture Map Personal and Family Life

November 19, 2009

Challenge: Design at least 3 cultural map “skins” for the iPhone using the theme of Personal and Family Life
As the holidays approach, joy and grief blend into rich experiences full of potential empathy. Rather than purchase new materials, create innovative maps that bring meaning into personal and family life.
Manipulate variables of a d.Maps function to [...]

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Gerrymandering in New York

November 12, 2009

Check out some examples from NY times of how New York has been redistricted to support certain political agendas.
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inspirations for videos and more

November 1, 2009

Here are some of the videos I’ve come across that inspired me while I was thinking about concepts of time… many of them are from having scoured the web for my ME101 Visual Thinking class. I thought it was definitely applicable. enjoy
here we see a creation by Arthur Ganson, who is interested [...]

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Proj 3– a Community within Time

October 31, 2009

Time Scales. Free associate. Go.
I tried visualizing time– and came up with very abstract renditions of previous avant garde work I’d seen in the past.
So I began by going through Dali’s old work.  Very main stream, I know, but still in essence, highly compelling.

Then I came across his sculptures–

And thinking about the two, I came [...]

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Water Map

October 29, 2009

I was inspired by my weekend at Monterrey Bay and the way we think about or sometimes forget about the importance of water.
My POV for this project is a person who wants to be more conscience of their water use.
So  I began thinking of a way to create a map that showed a timescale, used [...]

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